A picture of Mandy Tucker

Hello! Welcome to our home online. I am a mother of two and proud military wife, currently redecorating our 8th house in 12 years- wowzers! Life in the military has been busy to say the least. With our kiddos in tow, we have been constantly on the move. I grew up eating a ton of fast food as a kid where as my husband did not. So once we got married, it was an interesting transition to meld our two upbringings when it came to diet. Long story short, we live in the land of moderation with a significant emphasis on trying to steer towards fresh and balanced. I am a regular person with no exceptional abilities in the kitchen. When sitting on the sidelines of practices and games, I regularly surf the internet to find interesting ideas and turn them into something that fits with our family. I’ve come to love planning and prepping for a busy lifestyle while still maintaining a balanced diet. I hope to help you find it easy to do as well!