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Chicken Parm Bites

Looking for the best, kid friendly, on-the-go chicken parmesan ever?? You found it! Our Chicken Parm Bites are only three ingredients, quick to throw together, and 100% kid-approved! You can customize the chicken and sauce you want and the process will still be the same. Boom! This takes an every day food option to the next level and will make you feel good about what you prepare tonight!

Chicken Parm Bites on a plate

The Chicken Parm Bites came about by chance. It was a Wednesday and we were headed to yet another soccer practice. All I wanted to do was throw some frozen nuggets in the microwave and tell the kids to have at it. I felt a little guilty about it since we did that on Monday – ha! So I rummaged about the fridge and found some left over marinara from a few nights before and grabbed the shredded cheese thats always on hand. Then it hit me! Lets dress up those nuggets with some flavors and make our own little chicken parmesan bites! I kick myself why I didn’t think of this before! The kids went nuts over them and I actually enjoyed from-the-freezer nuggets for the first time!

Why is chicken parmesan made with mozzarella?

Great question! I wondered that myself years ago and decided to discover the answer. Obviously, parmesan and mozzarella are two different cheeses. The dish is Chicken Parmigiano, not parmesan. It simply means that the dish originated in the region in and around Parma, Italy. So the “parm” stands for a town in Italy, not the cheese! Mind blown, right?

Ingredients for Chicken Parm Bites

Ingredients for our Chicken Parm Bites:

How to make:

Cook chicken nuggets according to package in the toaster oven or oven. We specifically chose these nuggets because they were made in an air fryer so they are a tad healthier all around!

Chicken nuggets on baking sheet

Once cooked, pull out of the oven but leave nuggets on the baking sheet. Add a tablespoon of marinara and a tablespoon of mozzarella to each nugget.

Chicken Parm Bites being made with sauce and mozzarella cheese

Pop back into the oven under the broiler for approximately two minutes, until your cheese and melted and bubbly.

Take out of the oven and serve! Easy to make and easy to enjoy!

Chicken Parm Bites in the oven

My life seems to revolve around making a dinner with the minimal time I have before or after someone’s practice lately. There is no escaping that on Monday-Thursdays as of late. That’s why I love dinner ideas like this one right here. It’s minimal effort with a huge payout. It’s something I can throw together in a pinch and don’t need ingredients that I don’t regularly have on hand. You can use a regular oven or toaster oven! Enjoy the ease of dinner tonight with our Chicken Parm Bites 😉

Chicken Parm Bites

Chicken Parm Bites


  • Frozen Chicken Nuggets
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese

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